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Get Your Precious Jewellery
Repaired with Extra Care

Quality craftsmanship guaranteed

Quality Jewellery and Watch Repair in Halifax

Do you have a loosened pearl necklace kept away in a safe locker? If so, you only need to bring it to Vina’s Jewellers and we can help restring your pearl beads and return it to you as good as new. As a full-service jewellery shop, Vina’s Jewellers is your friendly experts for jewellery, clock and watch repairs in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Our focus in on providing quality jewellery repairs with a quick turnaround time.

All pieces of jewellery, from small rings to long necklaces, that we receive for repairing are valuable to us. We understand that apart from being expensive, they also come with a certain personal attachment to the owner and are thereby handled with the utmost care at our store. Our services include cleaning, repairing and helping you update your jewellery according to your specific requirements.

Apart from jewellery, Vina’s Jewellers offers reliable watch repair services for all makes and models. From clasp fixing to rebalancing, bring your watches to us for any kind of adjustments. We can provide you with an estimate by initially examining each piece for faults before proceeding with any repair work. Our store displays a colourful assortment of watch bands of various material, size, style and colour for you to choose from.

Grandfather Clock Repairs

Does your grandfather clock need speed adjusting or polishing? You can reach out to Vina’s Jewellers today to get it efficiently fixed and running. We undertake servicing and repair work for all kinds of grandfather clocks and are here to answer your questions on the care and proper maintenance of your timepieces.

We showcase an assortment of grandfather clocks, cuckoo and wall clocks, and vintage clocks on display at our store. If you happen to visit us on the hour, Vina’s Jewellers could take you back in time by welcoming you with the symphonic chiming of all our clocks in store at one go. Visit us today to find a fine timepiece that suits your home decor.

Call us for further details on how we could be of service to any of your clock, watch or jewellery repair needs.

Lucky Ring Not Fitting Anymore?

Visit us for quick ring resizing services.

Quality and Friendly Repair Services

Learn about the range of services we offer.

Colourful Range of Watch Bands and More!

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